What Every 'Hijabi' Needs Right Now!

There's nothing more annoying then having to adjust your hijab wrap or scarf multiple times throughout the day just to keep it neat and in place or to prevent your gorgeous hair from peaking out.  We understand the struggle...and we know the struggle is real!

The easiest way to prevent this struggle is to wear an under cap.  The tube under cap is perfect because its just enough to do the job without adding any discomfort to your existing hijab wrapping routine.

We use to carry tube under scarves that were extremely affordable and comfortable, but to be honest, they would stretch over time.  What good is an under cap that is meant to stop you hijab wrap or scarf from slipping if it starts slipping itself?  Not good at all!  It usually means replacing your old under cap with a new one to ensure a nice tight fit over time.

Well, we're all ears!  When one of you let's us know you don't like something about a product it becomes our priority to improve it. 


We are excited to share our NEW line of cotton under caps with you.  They are available in 6 colours.  Some of you have already got your hands on them.  Customer reviews on our NEW cotton under caps are always a perfect 5 star rating!  It's for a reason.  The quality of the fabric is 5 star.  The durability is 5 star.  The comfort is 5 star.  You name it!


You will no longer need a replacement over time because the stretch and quality remains even after you wear it over and over and OVER!  Plus it's still extremely comfortable.  Problem solved! 

Once you have our NEW tube "Cotton Perfection" under caps in your collection, you will wonder what you've been doing without them all these years!

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