Discover our favourite way to store and organize hijabs

Finding the best and most efficient way to organize your hijabs can sometimes be a hassle, especially when you have so many of them.  Too many of us have experienced that one hijab drawer that is going to burst any minute.
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Lucky for you, we've found the perfect way to organize each and every hijab you have, in the least amount of space possible. It's time to clear out those over stuffed drawers, and organize your beautiful hijabs in a beautiful way.
Here's what you need (don't worry, it's literally one thing):
Voile chic

The KOMPLEMENT Multi-use hanger from Ikea will be your saviour.
  • It retails for $8.99
  • It takes up the same amount of space as a regular hanger
  • The rings are made out of a knitted material, which won't damage your hijabs
  • It can store up to 32 hijabs! 
Here's the direct link to the item:

All you have to do is slip your hijabs through the rings, and hang it in your closet.
Tip: Avoid hanging the hijabs by a knot, doing that may damage your hijabs and not to mention, invite unwanted wrinkles. 

This is what your hijabs will look like once you've organized them all. You can definitely be creative with this, try colour coordinating them or maybe even placing your most worn hijabs on one hanger and the ones you rarely reach for on another. 

The best part about this method, is that you can store all your different materials in one place, without having to worry about whether it will fit or not. This includes your delicate chiffon hijabs all the way to your bulky viscose hijabs! 
What's also great about this method, is that you can easily see all your hijabs making it so much easier to grab the one you need for your outfit. Also, since it's portable, you can take it out of your closet at any time and view all your hijabs in better lighting (closets always have the worst lighting, I know).

And voila! 

Hang the organizer with the rest of your clothes, and never have to worry about trying to find that one scarf you bought a couple months ago that always magically disappears. 

Hope you guys find this helpful!

Feel free to leave any questions and comments you may have.

Till next time,

Jasmine F. 

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