Satin-Lined Underscarf - Ivory


Satin-Lined Under Scarf

Protect your hair all day long with the Voile Chic Satin-Lined Under scarf! A perfected under scarf that retains moisture (satin-lining), and stays on your head all day thanks to adjustable straps you can tie at the back.

Satin Lining For Healthy Hair

Satin repels moisture, unlike cotton and other materials which extract and absorb moisture from hair.  Satin-Lining means less friction which helps to eliminate unnecessary split-ends and hair breakage.

Not only does satin eliminate tangles and split ends, it also helps preserve curls, waves, and other natural features of your hair and eliminates frizz.

Under Scarf Features

  • Lined with faux satin to help lock in moisture and prevent your hijab from soaking up oils and moisture from your hair, fights frizz, and distributes your hairs natural healthy oils.
  • The signature tie back straps ensures a comfy fit that will stay on all day - without slipping off.
  • Satin's delicate feel protects your follicles and creates the optimal environment for hair growth.
  • One size fits all and works for all hair types

Fabric Specifications

  • Outer: 93% Viscose, 7% Elastane
  • Inner (Satin Lining): 97% Polyester, 3% Lycra

Washing/Care Instructions:

  • Wash with delicates and hang to dry

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Absolutely amazing

When I came here I was shocked to see negative reviews for their satin underscarf, this is by far the best underscarf I’ve ever bought!! I’ve bought satin underscarfs from many companies in an effort to protect my hair. They all had their own issues. Either too slippery, or a texture for the bun part that looks bumpy under the hijab, etc. And they were all 35-50 dollars!! For half the price this does a muchhh better job. 1. The tie-on style prevents slipping from being too lose or headaches from being too tight. It looks really flattering under hijab, better than even non-silk scarves I’ve had as it leaves no crinkly texture and is smooth and lays flat. What I love most is the support! I don’t like tying my hair tightly, I like tying it lose to prevent damage. The elastic that wraps under the bun has an effect of holding it up and really is much more comfortable.

If you’re having a hard time putting it on I wet the edges of my face framing hair first to keep them tucked away. Then, kind of like shown in the picture you put the elastic under the bun, pull the front forward to lay wherever you want on your forehead, and then tie the back. I found it to be just as easy as other underscarves but if not I hope this helps

Genesis Cespedes

Satin-Lined Underscarf - Ivory

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