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Light Grey Premium Chiffon (Non-Slip)

Light Grey Chiffon Hijab | Premium Chiffon Hijab | Best Quality

$16.00 USD

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This is the perfect non-slip neutral chiffon hijab and is a must have for every wardrobe.  It is extremely comfortable and the perfect thickness.  We take into account that coverage is extremely important and have worked very hard to find a chiffon fabric that is not very sheer. We understand the less sheer, the better! At the same time it is important to find the right balance and ensure the fabric is thin and flowy. Wear it to school, work, a day out or an evening out.

Fabric Description and Care
• 100% Polyester Chiffon
• 67" x 25" (170 cm x 70 cm)
• Hand wash / dry clean

Shape: Long rectangle
Thickness: Light-Medium
Weight: Medium
Texture: Smooth
Visibility: Slightly sheer, opaque when layered

Not very prone to creasing
Wearability: Somewhat slippery (cotton under scarf is recommended)

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