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  • Instant Vanilla Premium Jersey Hijab

Voile Chic

Instant Vanilla Premium Jersey Hijab

Vanilla Instant Hijab | Instant Jersey Hijab | High Quality

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This Vanilla Instant Jersey Hijab is perfect for busy women on the go! There are a number of ways to quickly and easily style this hijab and you don't need any pins but can choose to use them to achieve certain styles.  It is lightweight but thick enough so that it isn't see through, it drapes beautifully and effortlessly and it is very high in quality.  It can be worn with a dressy or casual outfit.  The Voile Chic Instant Premium Jersey is a must have!

Fabric Description and Care
• 100% Jersey
• Hand wash / dry clean

Shape: Fitted around the head and long rectangle
Thickness: Light
Weight: Medium
Texture: Smooth and Stretchy
Visibility: Opaque
Somewhat prone to creasing
Wearability: Not Slippery

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