Instant Premium Jersey Hijab - Ivory


Voile Chic Instant Premium Jersey Hijab

Our Instant Jersey Hijab is perfect for busy women on the go! It is pre-sewn to fit around your face so all you have to do is slide it on without using any pins. It is made with our quality premium jersey fabric and is perfect for you if you're looking for a quick easy hijab style that looks really sleek.   

Quick Easy Styling and Super Comfortable

These will quickly become your favorite if you want a hijab that doesn't require any styling skills whatsoever but still want a sleek look and neat finish. You do not need any pins or underscarves at all and it will stay put and remain comfortable all day long.  It is lightweight but thick enough so that it isn't see through, it drapes beautifully and effortlessly and it is very high in quality. It can be worn with a dressy or casual outfit.  

Specifications and Care

Color: Ivory
Shape: Pre-Sewn & Long Rectangle
Thickness: Light
Weight: Medium
Texture: Soft and Stretchy
Visibility: Opaque
Creasing: Not prone to creasing
Wearability: Not Slippery 

Fabric Description:
• 95% Viscose 5% Lycra
Size: 75" x 23.5"

Fabric Care:
Hand wash/dry clean /machine wash on delicate with a light detergent on warm with only other scarves in like colors. Tumble dry on low. For stains, spot-treat with a delicate fabric stain remover. 

While we try our best to ensure product colors shown are a true depiction of the actual product colors, we do not guarantee a true color match.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews

Really cute! Also practical so that you can move around easily and never have to worry about it slipping! The only problem is that I have a round face so it doesn’t look that great and feels a little tight 🙃. But these hijabs are great for those practical days!

Zaimira Dilimulati

Instant Premium Jersey Hijab - Ivory

Yasmine Mansour

This is my second time ordering this colour. I like that so much that I wanted to have two!

Nahil Ismail

I now own every color of the instant premium Jersey hijabs and I love them! They are my preferred hijab whether for everyday wear or going out. They last, through Texas heat, multiple washes and having a 6 month old that pulls at everything and everything ends up in his mouth. You have made my hijab journey so much easier and I appreciate it!

Susu Azem
Very elegant

I love this hijab style
Very practical and chic .
The fabric is cool in summer days.
Very suitable for any occasion.

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