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Candy Stripe - Black (Signature Collection) (SHIPS FROM CANADA ONLY)

Candy Stripe - Black | Premium Chiffon Hijab

$15.99 USD

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This Black Candy Striped Chiffon is the perfect thickness size, weight and texture.  It is completely opaque and does not need to be layered.  It is a high end luxurious piece you are sure to fall in love with.

Fabric Description and Care
• 100% Polyester
• 67" x 27" (170 cm x 70 cm)
• Hand wash / dry clean

Shape: Long rectangle
Thickness: Light-Medium
Weight: Medium
Texture: Smooth
Visibility: Opaque
Somewhat prone to creasing
Wearability: Somewhat Slippery (a cotton under scarf is recommended)

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