Breathable Modal Hijab - Sphinx


Voile Chic Breathable Modal Hijabs

Our cotton modal hijabs are made from a very soft and breathable fabric.  If you look very closely you can see very fine holes which makes these perfect in hot or humid weather.  They are hand dyed and extremely durable.

Lightweight, Breathable and Practical

Cotton Modal hijabs are the perfect choice if you are looking for a lightweight, breathable fabric.  They are especially recommended for hotter weather because out of all our fabric options, they will provide the most comfort in the heat.  They are very thin but not transparent providing you with a lightweight practical option.

Specifications and Care

Color:  Sphinx
Shape: Long rectangle
Thickness: Light
Weight: Light
Texture: Cotton-like finish
Visibility: Opaque
Creasing: Prone to creasing
Wearability: Not Slippery 

Fabric Description:
• 100% Rayon
• 71" x 27" (180 cm x 70 cm)

Fabric Care:
Hand wash/dry clean /machine wash on delicate with a light detergent on warm with only other scarves in very like colors. Tumble dry on low. For stains, spot-treat with a delicate fabric stain remover. 

While we try our best to ensure product colors shown are a true depiction of the actual product colors, we do not guarantee a true color match.

Customer Reviews

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Breathable Modal Hijab - Sphinx

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super soft

i use this scarf daily and its the perfect colour and the material is so unbelievably soft, it lays perfectly! only con is that even tho i dont use pins or magnets it can sometimes snag and now i have a little hole. but its super small so just b careful about that.


Amazing fell in love with it

Sehrish Khan
Cheap Material

The overall fabric of this material is cheap. Disappointed in the value of this fabric in comparison to cost.

Sphinx modal hijab

I love the colour of this hijab. It suits any outfits and looks really effortless. It's hard to find a skintone shade like this. The material is lightweight and similar to cotton but doesn't gather lint like cotton does in its first few uses. I highly recommend this hijab and see the reason why its always out of stock.

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