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Black Royal Crepe

Black Royal Crepe Hijab

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Our Royal Crepe hijab wraps are a Voile Chic exclusive.  Made with the very best quality and craftsmanship you are guaranteed to fall in love the moment you get it.  The fabric is lightweight but totally opaque so you never have to worry about coverage.  The fabric is softer than silk - it literally feels like you're touching air.  Our cream and gold label finish gives it an additional touch of luxury.  You will always reach for your Voile Chic Royal Crepe when you want to look and feel royal.  We are confident you will look and feel your very best in our Royal Crepe hijab wraps.

Fabric Description and Care
• 100% Crepe
• 66" x 27" (170 cm x 70 cm)
• Hand wash / dry clean / machine wash cold and gentle (in protective fishnet laundry bag with very gentle detergent)

Shape: Long rectangle
Thickness: Light
Weight: Light
Texture: Extremely soft
Visibility: Opaque

Not very prone to creasing
Wearability: Somewhat slippery (cotton under scarf is recommended)

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