a.  When will you restock *a specific hijab wrap/specific product*?

  • We cannot give an exact date, but we send out an e-mail to all our subscribers when we have major restocks.
  •  Please check our website at that time.

b.  Can you stock/restock *a specific pattern, colour, size, shape, fabric*?

  • Send in your suggestion. We take all suggestions into consideration.
  • If your suggestion is a totally new design, it might take time to introduce it into a new collection.
  • If your suggestion was part of an older collection or one we’ve carried before, you may see it on the website the next time we restock

c.  Can you notify me when you *a specific hijab wrap/specific product*?

  • Unfortunately, as of now, we cannot send personal e-mails to notify you once items are restocked. We are looking into adding a wish list which will send automated notifications for the product you have your eye on.
  • If you are on our e-mail list we will send an e-mail updating you.