Underscarf - Vanilla Criss Cross Full Coverage

This vanilla ninja under scarf is extremely soft and comfortable and fitted. It has a criss cross design at the front. Wear it under your chiffon or satin hijab to keep it secure and in place all day long. 

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Vusala Mammadzada

This is so far the best underhijab i have tried. Very confortable, isn’t too tight or too loose, doesn’t feel tight in your neck area( you dont even feel it there) and very stretchy. And spacious in the head area which is good if you use clips for hair

Sarah Scannell
Very comfortable

I have a large head, which I didn't know until every underscarf, undercap, under bonnet, or ninja underscarf -either slid back off my head by the end of the day or strangled me This underscarf is soft and looser so it fits nicely and doesn't slip back. I highly recommend it.

Netalin Tassniyom
1 is not enough

I bought 1 before and love it. I have to go on vacation and buy 2 more. Very soft and comfy. Great for all day wear.

Melissa Osborne

Very stylish and comfortable

Underscarf - Vanilla Criss Cross Full Coverage

This is a lightweight full coverage undercap, which stays in place without being too tight. It is very comfortable. Great for scarves that are not fully opaque like chiffon. The criss cross pattern works well if you have oval face or larger forehead. Great buy!

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