Neck & Chest Cover - White


The Muslim Modal Collar Hijab Extension. Elevate your style with this thoughtfully designed accessory, crafted to enhance both your neck and chest area. Embrace the blend of comfort and sophistication that Voile Chic is renowned for. 


Model Neck and Chest Collar Hijab Extensions – a seamless blend of comfort and style. Crafted from 100% Rayon Modal, these extensions offer an adjustable fit through stretch elastic, accommodating most sizes. With front and back lengths of 28cm and 32cm respectively, along with a neck circumference of 60cm, the sizing is designed for your comfort. Made from modal rayon cotton fabric, it's both thin and cozy, perfect for layering under coats, sweaters, or cardigans. Elevate your modest fashion effortlessly with this elegant accessory.



Material: 100% Rayon Modal

Size: Front Length 28cm, Backside Length 32cm, Shoulder Width 14.6 inches, Neck Circumference 60cm

Features: Stretch Elastic, Adjustable Fit, Turtleneck Design

Fabric: Premium Modal Rayon Cotton

Comfort: Thin, Cozy Layer

Versatility: Perfect for Layering

Style: Elevates Outfits with a Layered Look

Customer Reviews

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The amount of fabric is so less, why do you sell if you guys don’t want to use good amount of fabric
It’s barely covering what should cover
So upset

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