(Hijab Friendly) Mask Extenders - Neutral (Pack of 3)


Transform any mask into a "Hijab Friendly"mask or simple say 'NO' to ear pain.  Just pen it up, loop it into both mask traps and snap it shut!  You can keep it looped onto your mask, transfer it to a new mask or keep it on your wrist like a bracelet! Whatever you decide, just know that it's life changing!

Specification: Stretchy elastic loop band with snapping button - 1 size for all - comes in packs of 3

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

I’m very satisfied about these mask extenders.These are game-changer for me.They are so practical.I think wearing hijab and mask is easier that way.Thank you!

Najwa Oueik
Convenient idea

💜💜💜💜 the extenders, just put it on and away you go. Bought both colours, maybe introduce white.

sara albaba
So Comfy and Flattering

I was hesitant to use any extenders but now that Covid is not going anywhere I caved in. These extenders are so comfy and easy to use that I got my entire family hooked on them. It's literally a life saver and incredibly convenient as a hijabi teacher.

Julia Cryderman
Mask extenders

These extenders are a great invention, very comfortable and help to hold my scarf in place also . I highly recommend these . I bought both colours !

Nour Mohammad
Really good and practical

Those are really good! They are easy to use and very reliable. Definitely recommended!

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