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Ombre Obsessed: Cotton Modal Wraps With A Twist

Jasmine Fares

Posted on December 31 2016

Ombre Obsessed: Cotton Modal Wraps With A Twist

Our cotton modal wraps were a hit for their breathable, versatile, and super comfortable fabric. We wanted to expand the family by introducing the same cotton modal fabric, but with a pleasant twist. The ombre cotton modal wraps are a beautiful blend of many colour combinations that will have you falling in love with ombre all over again. 


Cool Grey Ombre 


We dedicate this cool grey ombre wrap to all the down to earth girls, who are always up for a good time with good company. It features a cool grey fading into a creamy white.


Blue Ocean Ombre

There is nothing wrong with daydreaming about skipping the cold and swimming in the ocean this winter, right? This Blue Ocean wrap is the perfect blend of a light grey, and an ocean blue, mimicking soft, subtle waves. 


Daydream Ombre


Speaking of daydreaming, we can't stop thinking about this soft creamy pink cocktail. This Daydream Ombre features a delicate pink fading into a beautiful peachy cream. 


Grey Black Ombre


Keep it professional with this greyscale beauty. The Grey Black wrap is all the basic favourites in one. Play around with the styling to feature more of the colour you prefer!


Caramel Cream Ombre 

 Last but not least, we have the beautiful caramel cream ombre. This colour combo features a blend of light caramel into subtle pinks and creams. 

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