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A Guide To Choosing The Right VC Hijab!

Posted on 07 April 2017

It may seem like there are endless types of hijabs available for you to choose from. Especially with such a wide selection available online nowadays. Finding the best or most suitable hijab for yourself can sometimes be difficult and confusing. This post will guide you to finding the perfect hijab by diving in to the details of all the popular hijab materials available at Voile Chic.

Keep in mind that there are no definite rules as to which hijabs work and don't work, but the details below are meant to provide you with some information on each hijab material to help guide you through choosing from a wide selection of wraps! 


1. Jersey



Are you in to casual outfits, and an overall comfy vibe? Do you not want to worry about your hijab shifting around throughout the day? Then say hello to your new best friend, the Premium Jersey wrap. The VC Premium Jersey wraps are a dream come true to the cool and casual loving gals out there. This super soft wrap is opaque and is of the highest quality, giving you the most beautiful and effortless drapes.

If you're looking for an everyday hijab that still looks elegant, this comfy Premium Jersey is the one for you!


2. Chiffon



Ah, the chiffon. This wrap has been circulating social media like no other. Everyone loves a good chiffon wrap to top off those formal and dressy outfits. The VC Premium Chiffon wraps are lightweight, provide good coverage, and have the perfect texture to limit the amount of slippage that chiffons are known for. This material is thinner than the jersey, but still provide a good balance between coverage and weightless flow. 

Choose this wrap if you want a simple and elegant hijab that will complete your outfit.


3. Viscose 



If you're looking for a durable alternative to the Premium jerseys, you will definitely enjoy the VC Premium Woven Viscose wraps. This wrap features a matte finish, is hand dyed, and is very high quality, giving it great durability! This material is slightly thicker, and is mostly meant for cooler weather. It is still a great option for those looking for a durable cotton-like wrap that is also great for everyday wear. 


4. Cotton



Lightweight, breathable, and incredibly soft to the touch. The VC Cotton Modal wraps are a must-have for those wanting a basic wrap that will keep you cool and collected in warmer weather. This long lasting fabric will have you falling in love with cotton hijabs all over again!


5. Luxury Chiffon 



You may have been wondering what the difference is between the Premium Chiffon wraps and the Luxury Chiffon wraps. Well, here it is. The VC Luxury Chiffon wraps are basically a lightweight version of the Premium Chiffons, which give them a more luxurious feel. They are hand made with the finest chiffon fabric out there and are created to be as smooth as possible unlike the Premium chiffons, which are textured. This hijab is the perfect pick for all your formal events! 


6. Instant 



With the same comfortable fabric as the Premium Jersey wraps, the VC Instant Jersey wraps are the go-to hijabs if you're looking for a quick and easy option. Forget the hassle of pins with the instant wraps because they feature an already hemmed slip that just requires you to wrap the longer end of the hijab. For your convenience, this wrap also comes in two sizes, regular and maxi! 



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