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Fighting Off Acne, Blemishes and Dark Spots ft. Chinutay

Posted on 07 December 2015

Uncover the secret to flawless skin.  Beauty Blogger Chinutay explains how she achieved smooth flawless skin.  Wait until you hear what she used to get the job done!

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1 comment

  • Falestinya: March 19, 2016

    Al Salam alaikum ,
    I’m 28 and I’ve never suffered from acne until last May2015 ! I started breaking out on my cheeks so bad and I’ve used a lot of things and some work and some don’t but it still keeps coming back and it’s making very uncomfortable because I’ve never had acne not even when I was a teen n now I have to cover it with makeup and I dislike makeup ! I wanted to ask you how long did you use lush and honey for before you’ve seen a difference ?!
    Jazzak Allah khairan

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