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5 Reasons You'll Love The New Cotton Modal Wraps

Posted on 29 July 2016

The cotton modal wraps are a new addition to the growing collection of hijabs available on Voile Chic. We are certain that this new line of wraps will find its way to the top of your favourite hijabs list, and here is why:


1. They are lightweight 

We've all struggled to keep cool and collected while wearing the hijab, especially in the summer heat. Different materials feel differently when worn in hot weather. Generally, lightweight hijabs that are made of cotton are the most breathable, which makes them especially fit for hot and humid weather, since they minimize the effect of trapped heat (which ultimately means less sweat!). The cotton modal wraps are made of 100% rayon fabric, which makes them the perfect hijabs for the summer!


2. Easy to style

If you're finding it difficult to style materials such as chiffon, satin, or jersey, these cotton modal wraps are the perfect material for you. The wraps are made out of rayon, which is a lightweight, non-slippery material that is super easy and quick to style. Since they are non-slippery, they can also be wrapped with no pins at all! The width is 70 cm, which is the perfect blend between the width of a maxi hijab and the width of a standard hijab. The length is 200 cm (which is longer than the usual length of hijabs), making it an ideal length that can be styled in many ways. 

Here are a few styles you can rock this summer-







3. They come in gorgeous new colours

With a new and unique hijab material comes new and unique colours! The cotton modal wraps feature colours that are different than the chiffon and jersey hijabs, giving them a unique and new feel. The colours are soft and delicate, with a touch of summer. 



4. They are versatile  

The new cotton modal wraps are durable, but also very chic! The material can be dressed up when worn in a classy style, or dressed down when worn in a more comfortable and loose style. With a wide range of colours, including a variety of nudes, these hijabs will definitely be your go-to this summer for all occasions! 


5. They are super soft

We searched high and low for a material that would be summer appropriate, but most of all comfortable to wear! The 100% rayon material gives the wrap an incredibly soft feel. You won't believe how soft this hijab is, until you feel it for yourself! 


Till next time,

Jasmine F

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1 comment

  • Jessica : August 18, 2016

    I was wondering when you’ll be getting the frosted almond modal wrap back in stock?

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