Breaking Barriers: Muslims In Mainstream Fashion

Mama, we made it. 

Up until recently, the mainstream fashion industry has rarely ever represented or featured Muslims, especially when it comes to hijab wearing Muslims. The fashion industry is known to often exclude many types of people, so it has always been difficult for Muslims to be included in the mainstream fashion world.

As a result, the Muslim fashion industry developed and has been booming ever since with the help of many top Muslim bloggers and designers, along with everyday Muslims who just love to showcase their unique and individual style without having to compromise their values. With the success of some Muslim bloggers and designers, mainstream fashion has taken an interest and has given some of them the opportunity to be featured in and work alongside the mainstream fashion industry. 


Muslim Designer Hana Tajima



Hana Tajima is a British-born Japanese muslim designer who started off with creating her own brand MAYSAA. Her brand reached great success around the world, and was featured by many magazines, including ELLE Canada.

In 2015, Tajima collaborated with UNIQLO and launched a womenswear line featuring modest-fit clothing and hijabs as well! Tajima continues to be a great inspiration for muslim designers out there, and we can't wait to see what else is in store for her!


Model Mariah Idrissi


You may have seen this picture circulating the internet not too long ago. The model featured in this H&M campaign is Mariah Idrissi, a Pakistani-Morrocan muslim woman based in London. Her H&M feature went viral, with coverage in all sorts of platforms such as DailyMail, Fusion, CNN, and so on. 

She has not only raised the bar for hijab-wearing Muslim women, but she has also given other mainstream fashion brands a glimpse of what they're missing, you go girl! 

  • Instagram: @mariahidrissi

Fashion Blogger Saufeeya Goodson


The gorgeous Saufeeya Goodson is known for her super cool Instagram feed, and her impeccable sense of style. This has given her the opportunity to work with many brands, including her latest collaboration with Nike! She never fails to impress us, and we can't wait to see what's next! 

  • Instagram: @feeeeya


Beauty Blogger Nura Afia 

Nura Afia, the newest ambassador for the makeup brand CoverGirl, is an American-born Muslim woman who has a thing or two for beauty. Her popular Instagram page and youtube channel have opened up many doors for her, including this amazing collaboration with CoverGirl. This makes Nura the first hijab-wearing Muslim to be featured as an ambassador for a makeup brand, which is super cool! 

    Instagram Bloggers Rada And Nemah 


    These two Canadian Instagram fashion bloggers were recently featured in Allure, with an entire page dedicated to their fashion. This is super exciting, considering not many fashion magazines have featured muslim bloggers! This magazine feature is not only an amazing accomplishment, but it is also a huge inspiration to many muslim women out there. Who says modesty isn't fashionable? 

    • Rada's Instagram: @_rads
    • Nemah's Instagram: nemahsis

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