There’s A New Halal Nail Polish On The Market

I had the pleasure of interviewing the two founders of Maya Cosmetics, Bilal and Javed. With a background in the cosmetics industry and a vision two years in the making, they set out on a path to create a Muslim owned company that catered to the Muslim consumer.

The Inspiration
Armed with industry experience and pressure from their female siblings, they wanted to take existing technology and adapt it to the Muslim consumer. Unlike other permeable polishes on the market, they wanted to ensure their product was halal by design from its inception as they catered to a very specific niche market of Muslim women.

What Makes It Halal?
These nail polishes are halal by ingredients. Meaning there are no animal products used in the manufacturing of this product, and they are in fact PETA certified. In terms of being wudu-friendly, the polishes were tested in the presence of Islamic scholars who gave it their seal of approval. 

How It Works
Maya Cosmetics operate on the 1+1 method. Two coats of polish are guaranteed to pass the water permeability test as witnessed by a scholar. When making wudu, gently rub your nails for 10 seconds to stimulate the water to seep through. The polish has been designed to have a more saturated colour quality with a creamy consistency to ensure numerous coats are not necessary. Unlike other polishes, that tend to be more diluted and runny. For better long lasting results, it is recommended to use one coat of polish followed by a top coat. Check out their unique matte top coat for a muted subtle look.

The Benefits
Halal nail polishes or water permeable polishes are not just for Muslim women. They are great for anyone who wants to maintain healthy nail care. Breathable nail polish allows water and oxygen to reach the nail which helps prevent breakage. 

In Review
The polish comes beautifully packaged with ablution instructions on the back of the box. The application of this polish is extremely smooth, and best of all it dries in record time. For those of you who are watching your purse strings, you get more bang for your buck with Maya Cosmetics. The bottles are slightly larger and at a lower cost than their leading competitor. 


Give them a try and let us know what you think!


Stay Humble, 
Yusra S


This nail polish is really misleading a lot of sisters. The water only passes through because rubbing the polish causes an abrasion of the surface (rubbing a hole through the paper towel). If you were to leave the water sitting on top of the polish nothing would go through.

Sadia October 03, 2016

Sounds like this is one of those knock offs of inglot.. But if you research halal nailpolish on youtube a lot of poeple are saying that inglot isn’t halal. There’s lot of videos of inglot vs their competitor tuesday in love. I found this video

Maryam August 29, 2016

As salaamu Wa alaikum, I very interested in purchasing these nail polishes do you have a discount code for recommending this company?

Sydney June 27, 2016

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